KT.KitchenTools Elite Stainless Steel Zester Grater With Protective Cover For Perfect Fine Zestings and Fluffly Cheese Shreds! Twice Amount in Half Time With Coarse Cheese Grater & Citrus Zester!

(Min. Order: 1 Piece)

• LIFETIME KITCHEN ATTENDANT that helps you zest and grade lemons, limes, oranges & grate parmesan, feta, gouda, cheddar, mozzarella, nutmeg, chocolate, hard boiled egg, carrots, garlic, ginger, nuts and more! SOFT COMFORTABLE HANDLE with silicone provides you a SAFE & STRONG GRIP even if your hands are wet or greasy! For MORE STABILITY place it on any surface, and because of the RUBBER FOOT, it will stay in place. Its awesome PROTECTIVE COVER keeps you safe while searching in your utensil drawer!
• WANT DOUBLE AMOUNT OF PERFECT ZESTINGS AND FLUFFY CHEESE SHREDS IN HALF TIME? This is QUICK & EASY with our paddle zester grater. Because of its EXTRA SHARP BLADE and OPTIMAL SURFACE DESIGN, you zest lemon rind and grate your favorite hard cheese EVENLY without using much pressure! When you’re done simply PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER or rinse it under running water! Enjoy your meal and get some FREE TIME AS A BONUS!